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there. >> it is 79 degrees for campbell and 78 degrees for cupertino. as we head into the east bay we're looking for a high in the '70s. mid '70s for--we're looking for low temperatures for the east bay shore. mid '70s for hayward and union city. downtown san for cisco will get up to 72 degrees.san francio 72 degrees. there will be up there 70's for--we have a >> what are we going to do about this? >> this is about organic keeping . bees are in danger to at this point in time. they're just falling by the wayside. they are the one a lot of research on how they can help the honeybee. one of the ways we would like to help is to offer this dvd for anyone for a homeowner or renter on how they can start their own high of the. ve. >> commercial bee keepers are able to run the hives individually. in california is ok to have them here. i knew nothing about beekeeping until i took this class and i said o.k. let's start from the very very beginning. teachin why were you interested in you could help. >> what we do with the organic be keeping met thathod. bees have been around for a number of year
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1